The use of electronic technology to manage the overwhelming number of résumés employers receive is increasing rapidly. Today many companies and employment agencies are using scanners to enter résumés into a computer. These résumé scanning systems use varying degrees of artificial intelligence to screen the résumé for desired skills.

Take the time to organize your job search information, including education, employment, and references. Focus on your skills and accomplishments and look for ways to sell your qualifications. A prospective employer does not just want to know where you worked, but also wants to know what you can do.

Resume Formats

Chronological – The emphasis on this type of résumé is on a chronological listing of employment and employment-related experiences. The chronological résumé is a good format for those with a consistent employment history, no gaps in employment, and whose past employment experiences are related to their current employment goals. It effectively showcases a steady work record with increasing upward responsibilities. This may not be the best for new graduates, individuals with job gaps, or persons changing careers.

Functional – The functional résumé highlights skills, experience and accomplishments without identifying specific dates, names and places. This format is organized by functions or skills, advertising the specific qualifications needed for the occupation. This résumé works well for people changing careers. It is also effective for those re-entering the workforce, first-time job seekers and when highlighting experiences that occurred in the distant past. There is no chronological listing of employment. Consequently, many employers do not like this format; it creates suspicion that the person may be trying to hide something.

Combination –The combination résumé brings together the best of both the chronological and functional résumés. It features a functional section that highlights skills, accomplishments and experiences. It also includes a chronological listing of employment, education and employment-related experiences. This is a very effective format for many job seekers. The best chronological résumé is enhanced with a section highlighting skills, accomplishments and experience. The best functional résumé is strengthened with a chronological listing of employment experiences.

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